Get started with your new E4 wristband

Follow this simple 10 step guide to quickly get up and running with your new E4 wristband.

Empatica E4 wristband

1. Unbox the E4 and review the guides

In your E4 box you find the device and its accessories, two quick-start guides on how to use the device for real-time streaming and for in-memory data recordings.

E4 wristband box content

The E4 wristband is shipped with the following accessories in the box:

  1. The E4 wristband with pre-installed silver (Ag) plated electrodes.
  2. A USB dock (for charging and data transfer).
  3. A pair of silver (Ag) plated replacement electrodes.
  4. A USB MICRO-B cable.
  5. Printed copies of the quick-start guides - a copy of our E4 wristband getting-started guide to stream your data using your E4 wristband straight away - a copy of the E4 wristband - using the E4 in daily life guide to start using the E4 offline in recording mode.

TIP Check our suggestions on Device care and maintenance.

E4 wristband user’s manual and quick-start guides

Before you start using the wristband, download and review the E4 wristband user’s manual. The manual contains all the critical information you need about your E4 wristband and how to use it.


2. Wear your E4 wristband

Wearing the E4 wristband is as easy as wearing a watch. This article will teach you how to put on your device to obtain the best quality signals.

  1. Slide the loop towards the case and place the E4 wristband top-down on a surface.

  2. Wear the E4 wristband on the non dominant hand[1] with the case on the top of the wrist. The EDA electrodes (under the snap-fastener) should line up on the bottom of the wrist. Line them up under the middle and ring fingers.

  3. Wrap the band over snaps and tighten. To secure, connect one snap at a time. If too tight, loosen by one snap. Tighten the E4 wristband band enough to ensure the EDA electrodes do not change position on the skin during normal movement but not so much as to constrict blood flow or cause discomfort. Adjust the band by sliding up the wrist towards the elbow until it is snug. Reposition the band if it becomes loose during use.

  4. The E4 wristband should fit snugly above the wrist joint. When the E4 wristband is properly secured, you should not be able to see any light escaping from the PPG sensor on the back of the wrist under the E4 wristband without lifting the housing from the wrist.
    Press the button for 2 seconds to power on the E4 wristband.

    [1] Traditional recommendations are to record EDA on the nondominant side to minimize motion artifacts (e.g. a right-hander would wear it on their left wrist). However, recent studies show that the dominant side may have a much stronger EDA signal during certain kinds of stress. Also, neurological events (such as seizures) may elicit EDA on only one side. (For more information see: Picard, R. W., Fedor, S., & Ayzenberg Y., “Multiple Arousal Theory and Daily Life Electrodermal Activity Asymmetry” Emotion Review, March 2015.). Depending on your purposes, you may want to measure on the right, left, or both wrists.

3. Create your E4 connect account

E4 connect allows you to view, organize, assess, and download the recorded data (from Recording Mode and Streaming Mode) on a secure cloud platform. With your E4 connect account credentials you can access all Empatica services. In this article we’ll explain you how to create your account and activate it.

Registering an E4 connect account is required before you can start using Empatica’s services including the E4 connect web application, the E4 manager and the E4 realtime App.

How to create an account

  1. Go to the E4 connect Login Page and select the "Create Account" tab.
    Fill in all the required fields and click on "Create Account".

    REMINDER The email field is cAsE sEnSiTiVe. The email address will be used as your login ID so make sure you keep track of the case entered into this form.

  2. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you entered. Follow the link in the email to activate the new account and complete the registration process.

  3. You can now login into your E4 connect account. The first time you login you will be prompted to update your password.

4. Download and install the E4 manager

The E4 manager is the desktop application to upload the data stored in your E4 to Empatica secure cloud storage and access with the E4 connect web platform. The E4 connects to the E4 manager using the charging dock and a USB connection.

E4 wristband USB connection

Choose your Operating System

The following step-by-step guides will teach you how to download and install E4 manager on your Mac OSX and Windows PCs.

  1. Download and install the E4 manager on your Mac OS X computer.
  2. Download and install the E4 manager on your Windows computer.

5. Synchronize your E4 wristband for the first time

To assure the latest available firmware is used and the E4 has the correct timestamp, you need to synchronize the E4 with the E4 manager App.

  1. Launch the E4 manager application on your Windows or Mac OS X computer using your E4 connect credentials.

  2. Connect the E4 to the computer. The E4 manager will setup your device and synchronize the internal clock with the computer’s clock.

  3. Unplug the E4 from the USB. You will see on the E4 wristband the flashing green and blue LED light.

6. Use E4 in Memory Mode to record and store data locally

Using the E4 in recording mode allows you to record the data in its flash memory.

While the E4 is in recording mode, up to 60 hours of data can be stored in the device's flash memory.
Data remains on the device until a USB connection is made to a Mac or Windows PC running E4 manager Software. E4 manager transfers recorded sessions to your PC’s storage, clears the E4’s memory and syncs the clock. If an internet connection is present it also uploads session data to E4 connect servers for processing, visualization, and retrieval.

Signal Recording with the E4 Wristband

  1. Power ON the E4 when the device is powered off a 2-sec button press will power it on. The LED light will flash green.

  2. Wait for the recording to begin the LED indicator light will flash green for 60 seconds, then flash red indicating that the recording has started, and finally go dark to save power.

  3. Tag an event tap the button (< 1 sec) while streaming to tag an event. You will see the LED indicator turn red for one second than turn black again.

    REMINDER Be careful to click and release the button quickly when tagging an event to avoid powering down and / or resetting the device.

  4. End session a 2-sec button press powers the E4 off ending the recording and marking an end of the session-file for the data record. When you end the session the LED light will pulse red for one second before powering off.

TIP Learn more about how to download and analyze your data after the recording.

7. Stream your signals using the BLE connection

Running the E4 in streaming mode allows you to monitor physiological data from the device in real time over a Bluetooth® Low Energy connection.


You can use our E4 realtime App, or build your own application for iOS or Android after you have applied for a Developer Account.

Install the E4 realtime app on your compatible iOS or Android device. Check the compatibility requirements on the App Store and on Google Play.

Once installed, connect the E4 wristband with a mobile device using E4 realtime app to:

  • View sensor data in realtime.
  • Easily zoom and pan to check your signals.
  • Automatically upload data to your E4 connect account after a session ends.


Signal Streaming with the E4 wristband

  1. Prepare your phone make sure Bluetooth® is enabled on your compatible device.

  2. Launch the E4 realtime App open the App on your mobile device and login using your E4 connect credentials.


  3. Power ON the E4 - when the device is powered off a 2-sec button press will power it on. The LED indicator will flash black and green.

  4. Start streaming - tap “CONNECT E4 AND START STREAMING” and select your E4 from the list. The E4’s indicator light blinks blue before fading. In a few second the real-time streaming starts.


  5. Tag an event event Marking with the E4 allows real-time annotation of a session

    TIP for more information on the event markers check: Event Marking with the E4. Tap the button (<1sec) while streaming to tag an event.

    REMINDER Be careful to click and release quickly when entering a tag to avoid powering down and resetting the device.

  6. End session - press the "STOP RECORDING" button on the home screen. The E4 powers off and the session uploads automatically to Empatica secure cloud storage. The E4 will also power off if the Bluetooth® connection is lost. e.g. is out-of-range.

    REMINDER when your device goes out of range while in streaming mode, it will stop recording data.

8. Visualize your data with E4 connect

E4 connect is an secure cloud-based repository to review and manage the data uploaded from the E4 wristband. It includes list and calendar views to navigate to a given session, a dashboard for data visualization and download links so you can access raw data with 3rd party applications.

E4 connect Features

  • Securely store session data from Empatica E4 devices.
  • Access data securely from an internet connected browser.
  • Export session packages to data in your prefered analytic software suite (e.g. MatLab),
  • View overview information for all recorded sessions uploaded to your account, including duration, device serial number, and session start date-time.
  • Search them by calendar date, device.

View your data

  1. To access the Online Dashboard login to E4 connect
  2. Click on "All Sessions" to get an overview of all recorded sessions.
  3. Click on “View” to enter the dashboard of your session.

View your session

Export your data

E4 connect allows you to access raw data in CSV format for all of your Empatica data. To receive it just click on the CSV button.

Data can be downloaded using the “Download button” as a compressed directory (ZIP) containing text (CSV) formatted data and an explainer (info.txt) file.

TIP to learn more data export check our dedicated article on how the data the can be exported.

9. Download your data from the E4 wristband

The E4 manager allows you to transfer the data recorded on your E4 device to E4 connect for visualization and for text file access.

Choose your Operating System

The following step-by-step guide explains how you can download the data on a Mac or on a Windows computer.

  1. Download your data on a Mac OS X computer
  2. Download your data on a Windows computer

10. Develop your own app

Developers have access to API documentation, downloads, and device registration features to support application development.

Empatica Customers with an E4 connect account can sign up for developer access. Developer enrollment also allows you to authenticate device purchases with an API key so their Empatica device may be used with 3rd party software.

This article explains you how to sign up for a Developer access and register and share your devices with an Empatica purchase code.

Developer in Empatica Connect

TIP For more information on developer tools make sure to check out our GitHub Page and our Developer Documentation.

  1. Login to your E4 connect account. If you don't have an E4 connect account yet you can create one if following the instruction described in the Create your E4 connect Account article.

  2. Follow the "Developer Area” link, you can find it in the upper right corner of the web page.

  3. Request developer access by following the dialog on the login page. Please make sure you explain what you plan to develop. The feedback on your request is immediate. You will receive a confirmation message right away.

    TIP If you are having trouble getting authorized please let us know by creating a new support request.

Device registration

Developer applications are restricted for use among verified devices that have been associated with a developer’s account though purchase verification or sharing.

After each device ships Empatica will send a shipping confirmation email that includes an Empatica "Purchase Code". This code will be necessary to register your device.

  1. Login into your E4 connect Account and go to the Developer Area
  2. Enter the purchase code in the space provided and click "Verify" to authenticate the devices associated with that purchase. Repeat this step for any additional purchases.
  3. You may now use the API key listed the this page to connect to your registered device from your custom/3rd party application.

    TIP If you can not find the purchase code for your device check with the shipping contact at your organization. In the event that a purchase code is lost, please contact Empatica’s support team with your device’s serial number for assistance.

Device sharing

A device owner can use the “share” button above each purchase to add developer access to existing E4 connect account holders. Once shared, the device will be listed under the “Your Shared Devices” list.